Subject Choices

Zama Futhi Subjects

To pass the Senior Certificate (as amended), a candidate must have six (6) subjects selected as follows:

  • Two (2) official languages, provided that one of the two official languages is offered on the Home/First Language Level and the other, on either Home/First or First Additional/Second Language Level.
  • One of the above official languages must be a LOLT of institutions of further and higher education.
  • A minimum of four (4) other subjects must be presented. Of the four (4) required subjects, a maximum of two (2) additional languages may be presented.

Zama Futhi can support you in the following subjects:

Choose one subject at Home Language Level and a maximum of subjects two at First Additional Language Level.
Afrikaans First Additional Language Afrikaans Home Language
English First Additional Language English Home Language
IsiXhosa Home Language IsiZulu Home Language
Agricultural Sciences  
Business, Commerce & Management Studies
Please note that if you choose Accounting, Mathematics is a requirement.
Accounting Business Studies
Human & Social Sciences
Geography History
Physical, Mathematical, Computer & Life Sciences
Please note that you may choose Mathematical Literacy or Mathematics, you cannot do both. if you choose Physical Sciences, Mathematics is a requirement.
Life Sciences Mathematical Literacy
Mathematics Physical Sciences